Tuesday, October 16, 2018

1L Multiple Choice Hack

Final exams are rapidly approaching. Here are some hacks about multiple choice questions that you can practice with your practice exams and have perfected by the time you take your final exam:

  • Read the entire question AND answer set BEFORE making a selection. Sometimes, because we feel crunched for time or get overly excited when recognizing a concept we know, we have a tendency to quickly jump to conclusions on multiple choice tests. Be sure to FULLY READ and consider the question and each response before making your selection.
  • Check your feelings at the door! Be objective, and do a straightforward analysis of the problem. Save your policy arguments for the essay portion and make your answer selection based on the cold, hard facts.
  • A correct answer may not be the right answer. Professors LOVE to put answers on the exam that seem to be the same but really one either has more information and is just MORE RIGHT than the other answer. Recognize them when they appear and then make an EXTRA effort to read the facts and responses very carefully. 
  • Do not change your answer unless you are absolutely, 1000% sure. Just don’t, okay? Okay!
  • Do not look for patterns in your answers. You may think it’s strange that all of sudden you have five B’s in a row, but don’t start second guessing yourself. Simply analyze each problem separately and move on. For all you know, those 5 B’s might all be correct.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fashion Week 2018!!!

Event Spotlight-Columbus Fashion Week

Did you know that Columbus is one of the fashion capitals of the world?  Well, now you do!  The 614 is home to multiple global designers including Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Express & Justice, as well as many more! 

From October 14-20, set your sights on new and emerging designers, participate in events such as the passport to fashion, and transport yourself to Paris in the Fashion Week Finale Runway Show on October 20, presented by Easton Town Center. 

Not a fan of the commercial fashion brands?  No problem! The exciting part about Columbus Fashion week is that it highlights new and emerging designers hoping to earn their place as a household name!!!

You don’t need to pay for expensive tickets and hotels to enjoy this fashion week as it’s right in your own back yard!

Visit: https://www.fashionweekcolumbus.org/ for more events, tickets, and schedule of events!


1L Life Hack: Don't Get Distracted

The time you have now is crucial. It is not the time to get distracted. I know there are a plethora of things you may want to focus on instead of updating your outline and researching for your legal research papers. Sometimes reorganizing my sock drawer seems more appealing than the aforementioned. BUT, I'm here to keep you on track and make sure your focus remains on law school for these next few weeks into finals!
  • Make it interesting! When outlining, I like to do things to keep my attention on my outline while simultaneously studying for the material. For example, I use highlighting techniques in my outlines. For cases and examples, I highlight the text in pink. For rules and the law stated within the cases, I highlight the text green. For definitions, I color coordinate the word/phrase I'm defining with its definition. Sometimes, I even make bold letters and underline text that I think is important and would POP OUT to me when studying my outline later on. This helps me remember important rules of law on the exam and also keeps my attention from going to look at law school memes in the middle of outlining with all black text!
  • Go take a practice exam! If you find yourself drifting off after copying your notes to your outline for 45 minutes straight, taking a practice exam will be sure to wake you up! There's nothing like an exam to wake your mind and body up! Taking a practice exam while outlining can also be beneficial to your outline. The practice exam may reveal to you some key points you've missed in your notes or outlines.
  • For Legal Research, taking a small break to go back and read the facts of the case can really make a difference. Instead of getting upset because you ran into a writer's block (we all do it because we all get them), take a break and reread the question and other elements of your rule block. This can help your mind flow and create more ideas and connections about where you should go next in your paper!
Stay away from the memes and don't get distracted!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

1L Life Hacks-Hornbooks!!

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At this point in the semester, you've probably realized you don't really understand a topic as great as you thought you did. BUT, that's perfectly fine. It's better to have realized it now than in the middle of your final exam. Hornbooks are perfect life hacks to help get your understanding back on track. Here are a few hacks for hornbooks if you're struggling in a class.

  • First, hornbooks that are specifically recommended by your professors would be a great place to start! Some of your professors have not only read the hornbooks they're suggesting but have written them as well! What better way to better understand a course topic than from the words and hypotheticals of the professor writing the exam!! Also, the hornbooks that are recommended tend to follow the course and the way the professor is going to teach it.

    Related image
  • Now, after buying textbooks, paying your bills, and eating out, your pockets may look a little.. FLAT! If it's not financially feasible for you to buy a hornbook, the law library is another great resource to find some! The law library has a wide variety of hornbooks including the understanding series and the examples and explanations (both series I recommend for any law course). These books are available for checkout for 3 hours at a time. There are also old and new versions editions of most hornbooks, just ask your law librarian on the 3rd floor of the law school.

  • And finally, the most important hack that hornbooks serve (right after your understanding of course), HELP FOR YOUR OUTLINES! Hornbooks not only explain the law but somealso give you example hypotheticals, multiple choice examples, and mnemonic devices to help you remember a rule statement better. One of my favorite mnemonic devices came from a torts hornbook: "D may have a duty to P depending on whether P was LIT!" I was able to remember licensee, invitee, and trespasser on my final when the time came!
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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Neighborhood Spotlight-Italian Village

Neighborhood Spotlight: Italian Village

Annexed as one of the first Columbus suburbs in 1862, the area fell into heavy decay until the 1970’s when residents took action against the deteriorating physical condition of the area.  Since the 1970’s, Italian Village has been on an upswing, becoming a hotbed for dining and living alike! With many of it’s buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and many new buildings popping up, Italian Village blends together both the past and present to create a truly unique neighborhood. 
Enjoy a beverage at Seventh Son Brewing, a local brewery that calls Columbus home, or grab one of the many global plates offered at the Market at Italian Village. 

Still not satisfied?  Then further your love of Italian Village with a trip this weekend to Saint John The Baptists Italian Festival!  For only $5, you can enter a world exploring the Italian Food and Culture Scene in Columbus!  Grab a piece of pizza while listening to one of the many Italian artists the festival brings in yearly!

For more info, please visit:


Thursday, September 27, 2018

1L Life Hacks: Midterms Edition Part 3

Our midterms edition of 1L life hacks end this week! If you're reading this, you've made it through your first midterms of law school! Some of you may not feel so great, BUT it's a great accomplishment. Here are your 1L hacks now that midterms are over:

  • Now, whether you flourished or failed your midterm, go talk to your professors. Even if you were over the curve, you need to be asking how to improve your writing even more (because let's face it, perfect scores do not mean we're perfect). Go and discuss the specific portions on the exam that slowed you down. And, just overall feedback about your exam scores in general. Remember, midterms are for your benefit even if you did not make the curve
  • If you have a professor that made comments on your midterm exam, ask questions about those comments. If you have one of those professors that grades your exams and the only feedback is your grade, here are some questions that you may ask him/her:
    • what was your midterm answer missing (not only does this help you understand why you got the grade that you did, but it also helps you understand what the teacher wants for the final exam!)
    • if there were any patterns in what you missed (this helps you figure out if your outline and studying tactics are actually working to your benefit, if not CHANGE THEM!)
  • fFinally, do not get too comfortable! Just because you made the curve for midterms, does not mean that you'll make the curve for the class. Continue studying and updating your outline as the school year progresses. You DO NOT want to be THAT student who made the curve at midterms but was below the curve for finals. Believe me, IT HAPPENS!
So CONGRATS on completing your first midterms of law school! Continue to do great work!

Also, if you do not understand the curve and how it works at Capital Law , click the link provided and scroll to pages 32-34 of chapter 4 of manual for more information: https://law.capital.edu/Manual/

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

FIT Week!

FIT Week!

Columbus! Mark your calendars for FIT Week!  Purchase a $12 fit pass and receive access to dozens of fitness classes throughout the Columbus area! 
In addition to classes, you will enjoy discounts on:

*    Healthy Eats
*    Fashion
*    Beauty

And so much more! 

Exercise controls much more than just weight!  It can improve mood, energy, and sleep.  As a law student or rising law student, you need to be in peak form to survive this mental challenge!  Why not help meet these mental demands by feeling great physically AND mentally?!

For more information on FIT Week, please visit http://614columbus.com/2018/09/fit-week-oct-15-20/

For more information on the benefits of physical activity, you can visit https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/in-depth/exercise/art-20048389